Sunshine Capital

from by Jenny Oo. Hansen

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Sunshine Capital of the World,
built on a broken back,
Home of the lonely girl
picking up after

all the slack
from sociopaths and charming slackers;
she writes spells to mask attackers
from themselves, and
from each other, and
from their mothers –
Trying to learn to love what smothers in the

Sunshine Capital of My Heart:
missing you every day
bummer to live apart
when new days start with:

CSA flags waving above
your CSA share, left with love
while children at the shooting range
scare bored suburban boutique gays,
and all
smelling so fine:
dry grass and red wine

Sunset Empire in the West,
feeding you blood-blessed greens
Baby, who knows you best?
Get laid to rest

where the sun goes down like alcohol
among the redwoods' lungs, with all
the joy of curing something small –
here's headache for your Tylenol
and all
smelling so sweet:
asphalt and dry heat

...and if the sky, Smog Monster brown
or Caribbean Enya blue,
could spare a pissing afterthought
for shady queens the likes of you
I'd be the

Sunshine Queen of the Whole North State,
raisin in all that sun
hell at a honey rate,
lovin to hate to

drive in spirals underneath
the hazy sky, the swelling buzz
I get it's rich to call this grief
but headache is as headache does
and I
am feelin so down
I wanna tell the whole town

We've got the sun
We've got the sun
We've got the sun feelin so down
she wants to burn the whole town


from Sunshine Capital (EP), released August 14, 2016




Jenny Oo. Hansen Minneapolis, Minnesota

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